What's interesting is thinking about the "Wayback Machine" with respect to BitCoin (SV). Either a website could pay Nodes to retain old versions of their web pages (after new alterations), or an entity interested in Wayback Machine retention would have to pay. Thus Wayback Machine information retrieval could get quite expensive, as the cost to access old things would need to cover all the money paid to keep the old data.

BUT, the blockchain would make all that old data un-alterable-- which is different from Google now, who can control things like court-case outcomes if they like.

Perfect example, Google…

Appreciate the article and the topic, but I'd argue againt many of the points made.

1. Snapchat's video (Discover) content is not really all that social. Discover can be completely avoided by users just wishing to connect socially. It's also very high production value, as the content is made by professionals not amateurs. Short-form mobile-sized (vertical) video, as evidenced by TikTok (amateur production value), is coming fast thanks to low attention spans and a phone in every pocket.

2. Instagram only TEMPORARILY regained relevance with Stories. Snapchat never NEEDED stories, it was a shot across the bow aimed at Finstagram's…

One of the legendary hacks of our time

Dedicated to: @Jack & “Uncle Warren”, to whom we DILIGENTLY need to give their DUE.

January 20, ’21 21:21 $21

It’s not a line in the sand to tease btc/core/bitCORN “experts”;

it’s a tripwire.

If you’re not familiar with the significance of the “21 double-spend”, look up “btc double spend” and you’ll see all KINDS [1], ($800 billion worth as a matter of fact) of deliberately misleading treachery in the top Google search results. This shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, as we all know Google reversed it’s “Do No Evil” policy LOOOONG ago. …

HODLing is “sinful”; what is investing?

Dedicated to: My father, Robert Stanley Pitts (Jan 14, 1932), who was always grinding like a servant #2 and was born and died in an economic bottom, and Robert Stanley Pitts Jr, a “servant #1 who’s consistently deploying ALL his talents, and Rich Barton another servant #2 who became a servant #1 via his brainchild Expedia which was my first investment in the internet, Q1 2001.

It took me over 40 years to learn the REAL message of “The Parable of the Talents”. It is one of our ancestors’ greatest lessons, and we should all learn it early — but…

How did we screw it up? The original bitcoin protocol incentivizes maximum energy conservation for the computational grid.

BitCoin saves energy? Wuffff?

Dedicated to: Jerry Chan, CPO of TAAL, who’s knowledge of BitCoin Node interworkings is only eclipsed by his modesty (He contributed a nifty thought in this article: BitCoin’s scaling might allow Nonce-usage to decrease as well as explaining BitCoin’s relay fee)

The purpose of this article is to use knowledge of what the BitCoin protocol incentivizes to predict the future of BitCoin Nodes and their use of energy. By doing this one should emerge even MORE enthusiastic about BitCoin as the ultimate energy-efficient computational commodity. After studying the nuances of the BitCoin white paper, reviewing how the many facets of…

BitCoin is a computational commodity; stop thinking of it as money

BitCoin was legal at creation; commoditizing data with protocol rules violates no laws — anymore than inventing the container, which automated much of what stevedores did, was.

The fact that BitCoin makes for a commodity which HAPPENS to function extremely well as money, doesn’t make it illegal. Perhaps the better way to say it, is BitCoin is misunderstood due to its youth. If recorded history were better (see Tominaga Nakamoto), we’d probably find fine historical precent in ancient Lydia at the time of the first electrum coins. Gold and…

HISTORICAL PRECEDENT as lie-detector test

Dedicated to the mothers of invention:

Who work thru adversity & lovingly devote themselves to their children’s enlightenment

History repeats itself.

This occurs because there’s so much history, yet human nature doesn’t change much. There’s a LOT more homosapien history than it seems, simply by the numbers: Graecopithicus is a 7 million year old humanoid fossil dated to a time period right after homosapiens evolutionarily split away from the chimps. Maybe it was comparatively hairier and literally dumb, but when Graecopithicus was alive it likely felt love, hate, rivalry, jealousy, vanity, happiness, and drive to…

What is BitCoin?

Dedicated to my wife & children: I started blogging and posting on social media in 2017 as an open letter and wisdom-transfer to them, with as many personal stories as I can include. If no one reads my writing but them, the time spent is worthwhile.

What is BitCoin?

How many people have asked? How many people have answered; yet, you still don’t REALLY know what the hell BitCoin is. Some say it’s just digital money. The “digital” part is obvious, it typically means computers and computer networks are involved. But what about “money”? What is money? …

Thanks to Mr Nicky Niu the BitCoin Tramp being a titan in the #BSV community, his single powerful tweet today…


…resulted in SLictionary reaching its database limit today — something we couldn’t imagine given we haven’t even been recording transactions for a full month yet. So we upped our limit immediately upon realizing we HAD a daily limit on the Beta-release https://slictionary-fc2a0.web.app/ website. [We aren’t releasing on www.slictionary.com until July when we’ve completed what we consider our base requirements for being a well-rounded application with a proper feature set (We have something called Word Bounty coming which is quite…

When you are forced to write long tomes at nadirs…


…resupporting your decades-long views of the future while the market tells you loudly how stupid you are, you come to realize that writing down your thoughts at certain critical points can serve a purpose. But why must we always try so hard to be humble on the other side of the coin, if we write for therapy during the tough times, perhaps we can write in hope of regaining level-headedness during euphoric victories as well? Yin AND Yang, no?

Yin Yang & Dom

It is with that in mind…

John Pitts

Recommends the BEST equities (“Diamonds”) WHEN they are (“in the Roughage”) at the lowest price to achieve the highest long term gains.

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