Dr. Craig S. Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto…

John Pitts
5 min readFeb 25, 2024

…but he IS his proxy

Definition courtesy of SLictionary, the modern Library of Alexander, but better because this time literally owned by the people & protected by the Bitcoin network.

The lawsuit “copa & btc Core developers vs. Dr. Craig S. Wright” is about Craig Wright’s assertion he is the inventor and issuer of BitCoin™️’s proxy — thus giving him:

  1. Copyright of Bitcoin™️ — which has already been claimed & issued to Dr. Wright years ago, and this case involves defending that claim.
  2. Bitcoin File Format intellectual property issuer right
  3. The Bitcoin database ownership
  4. Bitcoin issuer rights, as in, the ability to direct any and all issues related to the bitcoin commodity.

BE the Satoshi

Using evidence before this court, the newly-revealed Martti Målmi+Satoshi emails from 2009 on, CONFIRM that Satoshi Nakamoto would be more likely to support BSV, while at the same time calling btc (Wright’s opponents, the Core Developers are the central authority of that illegally passed off copy of bitcoin) a bastardization of his invention.

  1. The evidence which proves Satoshi Nakamoto approves of BSV…



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