Your assertion that bitcoin cannot defeat government is absolutely the correct case (for ANY of bitcoin’s historical hard forks) and we already have proof in the form of gold history. Gold is pretty much immutable AS WELL AS relatively untraceable (much moreso than the electronic US dollar that’s for sure) when used by capable hands; YET, the United States outlawed it in the early 1930s simply to control it and prevent it from stealing from the monopoly which is the US Dollar (FYI: which they then devalued considerably in order to extricate themselves from the worst Depression in American history). Even though I am someone constantly skeptical of government officials of all kinds, I give you great credit for just this decision alone (in 2008 and now), to NOT flick your nose at government, as it’s a losing battle. Those wishing to make bitcoin anonymous are truly attempting a Sisyphean Feat.

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Anonymity is a Sisyphean Feat

But what I admire about your Bitcoin ($BSV) is that it creates a shining EXAMPLE, a working one no less (which is a massive feat itself), of what a currency SHOULD & COULD be, but also it creates a verifiable system for which any government official who criticizes it only actually criticizes his/her own integrity. In other words, I believe you when you say Bitcoin makes people act better but also makes GOVERNMENTS act better (in the future, obviously now, governments are behaving like children — taking their currencies and going home *cough* UK, Fed Reserve board *cough*. Frankly Iceland telling the EU to “stuff it” is the only adult decision in currencies since before Nixon gave up the gold standard).

And for that, I want to personally THANK SATOSHI’S VISION. I don’t mean the coin, but the vision.

Craig S. Wright, sir, since almost no one else is doing it: let me go on record officially in thanking you for all you’ve done and contributed to mankind. If the only thing bitcoin accomplishes is to change the IDEA of currency and computational system in the future, it will achieve just as much as if the price went to a million per coin. You are truly a visionary’s visionary.

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