You seem genuine so even tho you’ve gotten Flack for this article I think you’re just arguing your point. You are however missing a lot of data:

WeatherSV’s long term plan is to crowdsource weather data. What they are doing now is just an experiment using the best they have at the moment. The point is to allow anyone with a IOT weather node to get paid a little scratch to write data to the immutable chain. Sure there will be wrong and maybe even deliberately promiscuous writes of fake data to the blockchain; BUT, when 9 of your next door neighbors says it’s 13–14 degrees out and you say it’s 20 degrees — guess who is the “fake news”? Immutable doesn’t mean correct, it means no crafty entity can rewrite history. Crowdsourced weather data isn’t surprising given a company called google used same concept to make major stride forward in good search algos. You should b thrilled weather data will only get more precise with more and more local data — especially since weather scientists have documented microclimates of incredibly small areas in detail. Snow on your head is sometimes rain on the head of the neighbors one mile away but 500 feet lower altitude.

Governments can and will prosecute criminals and may even occasionally do it maliciously from time to time. But when records can be kept EASILY AND CHEAPLY by individuals the playing field is leveled more against Govt controls than for it. Decentralized means a citizen is protected bc even if only 3 miners existed in the whole world the BitCoin protocol would be HEAVILY rigged in favor of those 3 miners having max distance away from each other. Study up on how block fees are won and you will understand this. It’s Important because geographical separation means those miners will be in different governmental jurisdictions. That means that no single government will be able to control bitcoin — Even at just three worldwide mining nodes! Bitcoin gives power to individuals.

The inventor of splitting atoms envisioned cheap clean energy for all — not bombs.

The inventor of dynamite imagined easing the burden of carving tunnels through mountain rock, not dropping 500 pound bombs of TNT on human beings.

The inventor of bitcoin envisioned making a fair system of computation available to all in a faster cheaper and more secure network while at the same time providing a linked asset backed currency that is deflationary and therefore not subject to the whims of local governments debasing peoples savings. He did not envision criminals hiding kiddie porn, human trafficking and hard-core drugs On an anonymous fully hidden underground currency.

Such is the nature of inventors — They easily see that the good of their invention massively outweighs the bad. CSW envisions a world where the public ledger keeps governments more honest. Not perfect, but harder to get away with pulling wool over on citizenry’s eyes. The reason you should be rooting for him is he is attempting to fix the worlds biggest problem, which is the silent and devious raiding-taxation of peoples after-tax savings. This is the number one crime by corrupt governments — And it has been so easily achieved over the years that people don’t even complain about it anymore, which is a shame given how massive of a problem it is versus all other human problems.

So why hate on the guy who used every bit of his hard work and brilliance to come up with a solution that benefits you directly by addressing the world’s number one super problem? You are rooting against a hero. It’s like Thomas Edison came along and bc you read the wrong articles all you can see is that electricity might zap a few people who don’t understand it. You seem like an intelligent discerning person who thinks for himself, but there’s a lot more to bitcoin then you are aware.

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