Yep, CSW states outright, negotiate with me now when I’ll be nice, or later in court (not nice).

It honesty doesn’t matter tho. Ponzi schemes whether intentional or unintentional only last a fraction of the time it took to establish them. bch is young and won’t last long, it had but a year and a half of life. btc has had about 8 years before they f’d themselves permanently with SEGWIT. SEGWIT was the irreversible process which goaded Satoshi to necessitate a forking to save BitCoin. Perhaps like a superman cartoon he was just in the nick of time, and even has Roger and Jihan to probably thank for at least helping that process — altho it probably would’ve still happened anyway even without them (and maybe been better?)

So bch and btc can license, but they will fall behind in the next 4 years when block rewards halve again to 3 & change. There’s just not enough money to throw at btc to help it last thru the next 2 halvenings (with 1 this spring), but I don’t personally think it’ll even take that long, I think btc begins to go away in the next 18 months no matter WHAT they license or not.

What’s more valuable in this is the fact that Bitcoin Satoshi Vision will begin to more QUICKLY assert it’s rights to the BitCoin name — the copyrighted name. This seems important, bc BSV is a mouthful, even tho I like it a lot.

I’ve already switched many months ago to calling BSV BitCoin, and its hard to turn back mentally after awhile — you actually forget that other people still think of “bitcoin” as btc.

As for asking simple questions, BitCoin is hard the more you dig; it’s got infinite potential complexity, and requires not one but several disciplines. The only dumb question in BitCoin is the one not asked — truly. I’ve resigned to just look stupid in public, for anything I do not know, and it pays off in the end bc you end up gaining knowledge faster that way imho.

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