What you don’t realize is that most successful fund managers (> 90% is a proper guess, but probaby closer to two or three 9s) operate on a “who knows who” form of “(non)research”. In BitCoin, Satoshi was (and is) hidden from everyone, so fund managers will go to the next source who acts important. In Novo’s case, it’s obviously Core/Blockstream and folks like CoinBase. He’s done ZERO research, as is the case with many money managers — even successful ones. When the lazy monied class gets the ear of a clown like Adam Back — it’s the blind leading the blind! But you can’t REASON with them, bc Back has incentive to promote nonsense, and the monied class has their “expert” and will accept whatever the expert says so long as its wrapped in techno-jargon he doesn’t understand. In fact, its best Novo-dude doesn’t know anything, bc if he knew anything substantial about how BitCoin works it would make him uncomfortable when he talks to his nonsense-garbling “expert”.

If he was able to talk to Satoshi Nakamoto, then Novorat would have an alternative set of lips to listen, and a qualified one. But in the end, it’s a GOOD thing he doesn’t, as he’s exposed for having played the “name game” with the wrong “who’s who” of bitcoin.

You are SEEING just how little work people in Finance do. They simply pick up a phone, use their rolodex and have someone in tech “tell me the answer” as if consulting a famous surgeon on back surgery.

Wall Street is very societal, and if Satoshi were ever to fully expose himself, these no-work windbags would be the first to come running and flash their nonsense “connections” and pomp, to obtain the “horse’s mouth” advantage.

Satoshi should let them know nothing, and simply let them lose money on the wrong horse, while the correct horse BUILDS a new great thing that those who actually do the research will benefit — and in the end the users will benefit so it’s win win.

If focusing on informing a fund manager, would encourage anyone who understands BitCoin to talk to someone like James Simons of Renntech. He’d be the guy, as he’s technically and economically capable of understanding BitCoin — if you can pull him away from his Math/Physics desk these days!

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