What ever happened to Gord Herman? The poor guy had to move to the stix of Isle of Wight in order to continue his work at Neteller only to have the Bushed Family destroy his livlihood. Where are you now Gord?

First time my wife saw me “lose it” was that morning in 2006 when the US passed that BS act which destroyed all the upstanding members of the online poker & sports-betting community. When the historians finally dig in to the behind-the-scenes doings of the Bush Family, I shudder to think who we might find behind that law and how LITTLE they would’ve neeed to campaign-contribute to make that awful law happen.

Ironic that Graham Wrightson is one of your mentors, another “Wright”. Interesting bc the analogy I use most to help people understand where Bitcoin SV stands in the “cryptocurrency industry” is the Wright Brothers’ invention of the airplane. All the other “airlines” stripped out the motor and/or the air-foil design and Mr Wright runs around saying “NO NOOO your motorless gliders and flat-winged “planes” are going to crash into the Atlantic and kill people”.

Craig S. Wright reads “Craig’S Right”

Glad the GOOD GUYS are finally going to win after all. Best of luck to nChain and Calvin Ayre and ol’ Gord wherever you are. That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

Request: Can you write more about the history of Black net, the idea as perhaps you thought of it (even if it wasn’t complete or proper) at the time, in historical context. Much can be learned from understanding where you were BEFORE you got your a-ha moments which led you to furiously create Bitcoin.

PS going to miss the comments below the articles; I hope there’s a plan in place to allow comments to your articles on CraigWright.net or BitPaste or wherever you choose to post your wisdom. Thanks for the article, the history re: Wrightson was my favorite part.

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