Watched your Youtube video; it’s impressive but the wrong type of marketing video. It’s an imitation of stuff Apple and Google does, but everyone already knows Apple and Google so they can get away with quick-action fast-paced marketing videos. Your early videos need to be about demonstrating your core value-add. Is it the ability to store something easily on-chain? Then a video about how to sign-up and do that, and then some data on why it might bc cheaper than increasing storage on Google One or Apple’s iCloud. Is it speed of use, bc there’s no ads?

Very impressive start, and I plan on signing up to figure it out more, but the youtube video left me not really knowing what Agora is. Due to lots of experience in the internet over last 25 years I THINK you’re sorta like what they would have called a “portal” in 1998 when AOL & Yahoo were kings. About right?

Wishing you the best, and hopefully I can figure out what you are and then add to your community from there. Cheers and congrats on successfully creating something for the #BSV community!

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