Tons of btc folks think Szabo is Satoshi.

Szabo emphatically says he’s not Satoshi.

Szabo admires Ian Grigg’s work.

Ian Grigg says “nope, I am not a member of Satoshi team”

Ian Grigg says he admires Craig Wright; Craig Wright is a genius; and last but not least, Craig Wright is Satoshi.

Craig Wright says he admires Ian Grigg’s triple-entry accounting which is important to BitCoin.

Craig Wright says Craig Wright is Satoshi.

And from all this, your conclusion from these facts is that Nick Szabo is Satoshi???

Very strange little article you wrote here. It’s like you gathered a bunch of forensic evidence that all Occam’s Razor-points to Colonel Mustard in the Study and your conclusion is that your logic and facts MUST be wrong, therefore it’s Miss Scarlett in the Library!

Craig S. Wright was Satoshi. Go watch the coy devilish smile on his face in his 2014 interview in Melbourne when the interviewer gets a little “too close to the sun”. Listen to what he describes as BitCoin’s future, BEFORE Etheurethrum is “invented” (which copied most of Craig’s work). He’s not angry in the interview, bc no one is around to tell him he’s not who he says he is. In the interview he sounds like someoone who founded a large company that’s well known to the world, full of vision, hope, and appreciation for the future. Like a founder. Like a boss.

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