Three Wrights Don’t Make a Wrong

John Pitts
34 min readOct 29, 2020

HISTORICAL PRECEDENT as lie-detector test

Dedicated to the mothers of invention:

Who work thru adversity & lovingly devote themselves to their children’s enlightenment

History repeats itself.

This occurs because there’s so much history, yet human nature doesn’t change much. There’s a LOT more homosapien history than it seems, simply by the numbers: Graecopithicus is a 7 million year old humanoid fossil dated to a time period right after homosapiens evolutionarily split away from the chimps. Maybe it was comparatively hairier and literally dumb, but when Graecopithicus was alive it likely felt love, hate, rivalry, jealousy, vanity, happiness, and drive to be great just like many of us now. Through these emotions and social similarities our species simply hasn’t changed much and will recreate common themes — aka repeat history.

If history repeats, then so does technological innovation

While history may repeat, it’s never QUITE the same. Technology, for one thing, improves, and we build on top of the inventions of brilliant men before our time. The Greeks rowed their boats, the Spanish sailed their ships, and the Americans steamed ships with iron cladding and even birthed the first submarine, but no matter the level of shipwright technology, naval war battles were fought from these platforms causing death at sea for many young men. Which millenia it was hardly mattered, the end result was similar. Change is constant; however, constant is human nature. Lucky for us, while mistakes are repeated due to commonality of personal interaction, technology doesn’t care who did what or why. Good technology doesn’t care about the inventor’s political bent, nor philosophy, religion, number of children, countenance, university degree, disposition, popularity or relationship with the king.

Look deeply for patterns

There’s SO much human history, it provides us all with one of the greatest tools for seeing TRUTH in our present times. Whenever presented with what might seem an impossible unfamiliar situation, we can simply look backwards for HISTORICAL PRECEDENT. Finding historical precedent makes things which are seemingly impossible possible. Armed with historical precedent, a person can see truth before the pack and this is called leadership. Leadership is needed to reverse any cycle that’s gone too far. Leadership is also very profitable, for those who can stomach going…

John Pitts

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