Three Wrights Don’t Make a Wrong

HISTORICAL PRECEDENT as lie-detector test

Dedicated to the mothers of invention:

Who work thru adversity & lovingly devote themselves to their children’s enlightenment

History repeats itself.

This occurs because there’s so much history, yet human nature doesn’t change much. There’s a LOT more homosapien history than it seems, simply by the numbers: Graecopithicus is a 7 million year old humanoid fossil dated to a time period right after homosapiens evolutionarily split away from the chimps. Maybe it was comparatively hairier and literally dumb, but when Graecopithicus was alive it likely felt love, hate, rivalry, jealousy, vanity, happiness, and drive to be great just like many of us now. Through these emotions and social similarities our species simply hasn’t changed much and will recreate common themes — aka repeat history.

If history repeats, then so does technological innovation

While history may repeat, it’s never QUITE the same. Technology, for one thing, improves, and we build on top of the inventions of brilliant men before our time. The Greeks rowed their boats, the Spanish sailed their ships, and the Americans steamed ships with iron cladding and even birthed the first submarine, but no matter the level of shipwright technology, naval war battles were fought from these platforms causing death at sea for many young men. Which millenia it was hardly mattered, the end result was similar. Change is constant; however, constant is human nature. Lucky for us, while mistakes are repeated due to commonality of personal interaction, technology doesn’t care who did what or why. Good technology doesn’t care about the inventor’s political bent, nor philosophy, religion, number of children, countenance, university degree, disposition, popularity or relationship with the king.

Look deeply for patterns

There’s SO much human history, it provides us all with one of the greatest tools for seeing TRUTH in our present times. Whenever presented with what might seem an impossible unfamiliar situation, we can simply look backwards for HISTORICAL PRECEDENT. Finding historical precedent makes things which are seemingly impossible possible. Armed with historical precedent, a person can see truth before the pack and this is called leadership. Leadership is needed to reverse any cycle that’s gone too far. Leadership is also very profitable, for those who can stomach going against the herd.

The most important root in the phrase ‘historical precedent’ is history. History is simply stories, and stories weren’t always tied to books.[0] Books are a modern invention, and before their existence all stories were transmitted by campfire — by word of mouth. Look no further than the Bible. It might be a collection of old wise tales by men who had learned valuable lessons and wished to impart these lessons on their young, but you can bet the stories of Noah or Moses were long told orally before they were written down. Humankind separated from the other species by these old valuable stories — no matter the form, and papyrus & electronic computer networks have only made historical precedent MORE accessible. Never has it been easier to assemble historical precedent to what might be happening today, but technology does have its downsides.

Clutter [ ] is one problem which is less understood, sometimes we miss precedents hiding in plain sight simply because there is too much data. This is a shame, a tragedy of the commons caused by the internet agreeing to store so much for so little, and a perfect example of this massive problem can be found in Google search [fig 1]. Not many people get past the first page of search results, and what if that first page has a homogenous perspective? Clutter is solved by limitation, which forces valuation analysis. Narrowing stories down to the most important biggest themes is helpful, and in this case maybe just one story will do the trick?

Fig 1: 21 THOUSAND results for this slang word? (AND Google’s main search return isn’t even right!) Is this really needed?

Censure is the other problem which thanks to Cambridge Analytica is increasingly making headlines. Again we turn to Google search and NOT in a good way. [fig 2: below] A single company’s culture can be quite polarized, not to mention a company which sits in a monoculture like SilliCON Valley, inside a state like California with outlier views. Strong cultures are actually ideal for companies, but maybe a platform with a heavy bias isn’t the best candidate to control a monopolistic 90% of internet search traffic? But even if Google vouched zealous adherence to fairness and free speech in search, don’t forget that large companies contribute a massive portion of Google’s revenues and thus have unequal influence over search results which go against their business. There’s a reason why many search return pages have sponsored results at the tip top and why sponsored results sometimes hog the ENTIRE visible screen. Oink Oink!

definition of Welch slang word ‘popty-ping’ on You don’t need more than probably THREE search results for this term.

There IS a cure for these two problems, and it begins with the letters “SL” and just a single penny per search, but that’s a wordy story for another day[1]. It is the intention of this article to do work for you, to pinpoint, not clutter or censure, historical precedent examples you can use in present times to gain a better perspective. While giving you some easy examples in short form, the main target is a single prescient [ ] true story from over 100 years ago which can help clarify BitCoin’s PERSONAL roots.

Fig 2: Google gets > 90% of revenues from advertisements from companies like large pharmaceutical companies who don’t take kindly to concepts like illness PREVENTION & CHEAP natural remedies.

History is stored for a REASON

The great thing about the human brain is its bounded nature — only so much historical information can sit in it without leaking out as new information is processed. It’s self-cleaning, or if you prefer some coder-speak: the brain has great “garbage collection” by necessity. Before modern technology, our species relied on stories to tell our greatest lessons but only the BEST stories survived as each person’s brain was a “Node” and conversation was the knowledge-transfer transactions of the collective brain.


Don’t build below the flood line. Fukishima residents take note.

Listen to “the crazy ones”. Steve Jobs knew they provided the alternative wisdom to “common sense”


Understand BOTH classes of people to effect the greatest outcomes. Jack in “Titanic” parties with 3rd class below-decks & with first class on the main deck.

Study nature (Moses understood freakish low-tides in the Red Sea & lightning-induced forest fires better than any Egyptian soldier chasing his flock) and science.


Deploy, not bury, your talents.

From small seed comes greatness.

Look like a teaching from the Buddhist canon?

Seek RECENCY to maximize believability

These stories are quite old, the newest of the three 2,000 years old. Noah is a great story for instance, but how relatable is it to modern times? What if there were lessons from a more modern story? For any type of modern story, find the most recent to have a bigger impact. How about Moses’s tablets AND Noah’s flood in a story within the last 100 years?

Lessons written in stone

Do you think Fukishima’s recent tsunami which caused the greatest environmental accident in world history was a “rogue wave” ordered by aliens, or fate, or the Gods? Did the world seem to single-out only your generation for this rare weather-induced catastrophe? The answer is no. In fact, the rogue wave which caused so much damage was simply on a very long schedule — a cycle which exceeds the typical human lifespan. All you had to do, to go from being shocked by the event to PLANNING like Noah for this rogue wave event, was hike up the local hills of the prefecture and read the stones onto which long-ago wiser men like Moses wrote warnings IN STONE…

Aneyoshi Tablet ~1896 says: “Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes (or UN-insured nuclear reactors?) below this point.” [2]

How quickly society UNLEARNS the lessons of our past! There are many historical doppelganger stories from our past on even longer cycles (like Civil Wars or 2nd-Sun theories) which stretch into the tens of thousands and even millions of years, but this Fukishima lesson is from “just” 120 years ago and it’s literally written in STONE. Do not build any homes below this point.


Even in something like equity analysis, the technique of “historical precedent” can be used over and over again to identify superior companies EARLY. Into these companies one can invest serious capital for outsized alpha-generating multi-year gains. A perfect example was an investment in Snapchat in 2017 at $13 which had almost every public writer in financial & social media as well as many talkative Wall Streeters fully committed against it. All claimed (and most even continue to claim — despite SNAP’s faster rise against the Finstagram beast) it was impossible for Snapchat to match up against giants. But had you known AltaVista, Yahoo and preceded the success of Google search, and Friendster and MySpace preceded the success of Facebook, you’d have recognized a pattern that product improvement doesn’t stop just because a single entity has made lots of money. It stops when one company has displayed MASTERY in a sector.


Going back in history for precedent: Has anyone ever created a fantastic invention which elevated human history forever, and yet went unrecognized for YEARS?

What is the historical precedent for why so many smart people have been duped into believing Doctor Craig S. Wright is a fraud?

Corollary: Has anyone made massive grandiose claims about being the inventor of an incredible technology to the entire world and been proven a phony? Most fraud-operators find “marks”, or suckers. A mark is labelled as such because the perpetrator is MARKING gullible people who can be fooled. Fraudsters don’t typically make their claims to the entire earth’s peoples all at once, as this would vastly increase the chances of being caught AND increase the penalty when caught.

This article is the story of three men inventing in a cloud of doubt, greed, and misunderstanding. It’s a story about how great things can happen right in front of our face & yet we miss it — BADLY — in a cacophony of ignorance and willful deceit. History repeats itself, but some see it coming and lead from it.

If only history could slap us in the face and explain “YOUR times just aren’t so unbelievable, little man.”

Que the music:

Many witnesses at Kittyhawk in 1903 yet the Wrights were still called frauds on page 1 news headlines 5 years later, and the US government & military expressed SO little interest in the Wrights’ legendary accomplishment they took it to FRANCE!

Like all of the great revolutionary minds & inventors, the Wright brothers stood on the shoulders of giants when they perfected flight. Before the Wright brothers there were many human attempts at controlled flight. Even more incredibly, there were actually some attempts at perfecting man’s first flight AFTER the Wright brothers flew their flying machine (at Kitty Hawk and Ohio) as if the Wright brothers didn’t already do it! Sound familiar?

“The only way to stand on the shoulders of giants, is to befriend each giant; then you’re the biggest giant of them all” — The Biggest Giant of Them All

FLIGHT was “for the birds” & giants

(giant shouldered men will henceforth be written in bold)

According to Greek legend in 400 BC a man named Archytas was said to have lifted off the ground in a flying machine and flown 666 feet. But this wasn’t controlled take-off and landings and manuevering in the air with precision controls, it was mostly gliding. If you study the “air foil” wing shape you will recognize it as quite simple design. How it WORKS, has been more of a controversy of explanation[2] among aerodynamic engineers. But like most all correct physics, the air foil is very simple, elegant, and is easy to understand even without the formulas.

Momument to Arch-ytas?

A wing at speed splits air in half. The lower air molecules collide with the flat underside of the wing like billiard balls off a soft rail, downwards. Simply apply Isaac Newton’s Law III of motion: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction” [17]. Air molecules go down, thus something else must go up… the wing! On the upper side of the wing, impinging air molecules are squeezed upwards and gases compress with little resistance. But as the upper curve is shaped such that the impingement angle is LESS harsh (vertically) for each molecule higher on the wing, a low pressure situation (a vacuum) is created on top of the wing which isn’t resolved until AFTER the wing passes all the way thru the gas. This low pressure from the Bernoulli Effect [18], plus the viscosity from the upper wind shear which did NOT hit the wing, causes those squeezed molecules to speed up FASTER than the molecules under the wing. The upper air molecules prove faster than lower ones and the wing is drawn up into a vacuum — creating lift for the plane. But amazingly, this was the EASY part — a mere frisbee can accomplish the same thing — there was SO much more to do for man to fly.

Even Da Vinci recognized man must imitate bird if she wants to fly with the gulls. But how can man harness mother nature? Birds both glide and fly, and they have ALL the necessary equipment for successful flight:

Air-foil shaped wings (birth)

Light design (feathers)

Ability to adjust wing shape to maneuver precisely

Landing gear (talons)

A motor (heart, muscles, wing-flapping ability)

If a bird is missing even ONE of these ingredients, flight becomes a quick meeting with the Grim Reaper — a concept which will soon become a lot more obvious to many in the “cryptocurrency” sector.

The oft-CENSURED Wikipedia [15] seems to want to claim George Cayley is the man who really made flying “take off”. Sure, maybe he had the first glider if you discount many earlier possible attempts, but gliding only requires ONE innovation — the airfoil described above which is painfully simple to design even for the ancients (of Greece and India — see Vimana).

Instead, let’s point towards a more important figure. A guy who put the jet in jets: Jean-Marie Le Bris the aspirational sailor. Flying machines are MACHINES, and require propulsive force to get that wing to high-enough speed to create the necessary lifting vacuum. Enter the beloved hooved 4-legger!

Yep, the horse, the first building block of all of man’s efforts harnessing nature. We don’t know the story of that first daring woman to tame the large beast to do our bidding, that was too long ago and the cave drawings are earlier than the alphabet. But the horse cemented its spot in machine history from the very beginning and the English chose it as the official commoditized measuring stick for motors and energy itself: HORSEPOWER. Jean-Marie Le Bris wasn’t satisfied throwing himself off cliffs or buildings to glide down — he wanted to soar upwards like an albatross taking flight off the beach. And he did. The horse-drawn carriage? Horse-drawn carriage on wheels? Nah loc, this flying Frenchman attached horsepower via cable to his glider and was able to lift right off the ground!

BitCoin is neither pure science nor pure religion even tho it can feel like one or the other depending on your perspective; BitCoin is man harnessing nature: 2.1 quadrillion QUANTUM BITS we affectionately call “satoshis.” It was invented by a doctor of religion AND science and it had to be this way.

The air foil may have existed multiple times in history, but controlled flight using air foils was mostly perfected by a daring German named Otto Lienthal. Otto heavily researched the air foil & diagrammed how it worked. He attacked the problem from many more angles than previous aeronauts, and his greatest contribution was to write his findings down on paper. His writings and PATENTS were instrumental in inspiring the Wright Brothers shortly thereafter. Otto was both student and crash dummy, and via thousands of flights off a large hill he also improved in-flight controls. It was Otto’s air-foiled shoulders the Wright giants would, 50 years later, study and climb upon to perfect flight. While Otto may have been the wind beneath Wilbur & Orville’s wings, let’s talk about what the Wrights DID. Because to BE a giant, Wrights must study giants.

The cannon wheels made for heavy landing gear!

Greatness is multi-dimensional:

The Wright brothers didn’t invent or even perfect the air foil; they didn’t invent combustion motors, nor propeller blades. They copied (or “plagiarized” to some BSV folks who don’t appreciate how knowledge is advanced) ALL of these things. If you were particularly critical of them at the time, and happened to be an expert in any ONE of these fields, you probably could have made fools of them on occasion. Not because they didn’t understand air foils, or get very good at operating and customizing motors, but because they were PAST those things and working on the innovations which needed to occur so that man could FLY and not DIE like Otto Lilienthal before them.

A short-list of what the Wright Brothers mastered, which their peers & ancestors did not:

PERFECTING the air foil, as Otto Lilienthal’s calculations were incorrect. The Wright’s rewrote the physics equations for aerodynamics!

Endless experimentation, including inventing a WIND TUNNEL.

Controlling pitch with a primitive rudder. Improper pitch (nose down) killed Lilienthal.

Controlling roll with primitive spoilers which warped the giant wings

Controlling yaw was the last domino

Perfecting a lightweight but reliable motor & propeller rotor

Mastering take-off (catapults) and landing with primitive landing gear — sleds & rails. Yes rails. The first manned takeoff used horses and rails! IRON-ic isn’t it?

Never-ending practise, the Wright’s risked their LIVES; 100% ALL-IN investors right down to precious life itself. Just a YEAR before the Wright’s began flying their first experimental kite, their inspiration, Otto Lilienthal, died due to not having technology the Wright’s later invented.

Controlling the quaternionic PITCH, ROLL & YAW is just as important now as it was in 1904.

That’s a LOT of hard WORK. Research is hard. Building is work. The most earth-shattering inventions typically have inventors with MANY disciplines which may not inherently make sense as one. Grand invention is multi-disciplinary. This recipe for success is kind of like a doctor of Theology [16] or Philosophy achieving a feat of software coding, maths, security and information networking isn’t it?

History is cyclical (& written by the Wiktor?)

The Wright brothers went WELL past anything done by “the shoulders of giants” mentioned above. Yet sadly, and for extremely sketchy political reasons, there’s been a recent trend of reWRIGHTing history to discredit the Wright Brothers — something which fake-news historians with hidden agendas and too much back-door wikipedia moderator power are now scheming because they don’t like the Wright Brothers’ personalities. Why? Mainly because the Wright brothers fought to patent their inventions (yes, PATENTS fights, sound familiar?).

If you can’t believe history can be rewritten, go look at how many words in Jimmy Wales’ increasingly-suspect Wikipedia entry for “airplane” are devoted to the Wright Brothers vs the number of words used to describe the other contributors to manned flight. If Wikipedia [15] were the last arbiter of history, readers would believe the ancient Archytas was zipping around the skies of 4th millenia Greece in his flying chariot. This would happen only until some mal-content found a story about how ole “Archy” was unkind to fruit bats or his Etruscan slaves — or some other unempathetic nonsense.

This is Wikipedia’s historical account of the airplane — names not even used…

Fig 3: more like WONKYpedia

Sadly, even the writers at the time of the first flights in 1903–1908 failed to recognize great inventors when they were right in front of them. Can you imagine having the privilege to travel to Kitty Hawk or Ohio and witness the first flights while talking to the men who invented flying? You could have easily done so, as the Wright brothers “flew under the radar”, and were doubted for most of the early years of flight. Who NOW wouldn’t like to walk right up to Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, William Rowan Hamilton, Maxwell, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison and say hello to a bona-fide superman? Would people today focus on their flaws or personality quirks? Would they nitpick Einstein’s borrowing of Lorentz’s time transformation math?

“Frankly, none of us believed it.” — James Cox, 1906

(reporter closest to Wright flights in Ohio & also a 1920 presidential candidate)

What if you could have been there?

You might suspect that if YOU were there in 1903 to see the Wright’s first flight at Kitty Hawk, the world would SURELY acknowledge it immediately, yes? What could be more OBVIOUS and easily verifiable than watching a man fly in a big contraption?

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a…. Wright.

But you already KNOW the Wright Brothers story, you have an advantage over the people in the early 1900s. If you time travelled you’d be joining the very SMALL cadre of people who were excited by the Wright Brothers accomplishment in 1903. Had you unwisely shouted this news out to the rooftops of America and Europe, you might’ve lost your job or your friends. The vast majority would call you insane and stop talking to you — labelling you the fool. In 1903, even with manned flight being a pretty obvious thing to witness first-hand since man became biped, hardly anyone acknowledged the amazing event — not for YEARS!

A Timeline of Historical Precedent

  • 1900: Elevator/pitch-control

Wright’s test their pitch-elevator on a kite-glider operated remotely from the ground in 1900, which works to their liking, correcting the problem that killed their predecessor Otto Lillienthal.

  • Airfoil perfected

Wrights increased the wing size in 1901 to better carry (weight) human passenger gliding, then work all winter to maximize lift with improved wing design (longer thinner wings with improved shape allowing a more horizontal flight.

  • Aileron/roll-control

Wilbur masters turning control by creating a movable rudder in 1902 which acted in concert with wing-warping ailerons.

  • 1903: Engine added-> FLIGHT!

The first powered manned flight in human history occurs at Kittyhawk December 1903. Several people see this occur and even report on it. Humans can FLY, officially.

  • Practice + Commitment

Many adjustments to the airplane’s dimensions and the take-off rails in 1904. The brothers give up their profitable bicycle business — sacrificing their stable income. Talk about betting everything, and putting immense pressure on oneself? The brothers complete the first turns ever made in a flying machine in Huffman Prairie Ohio, and 105 flights in the year. A local newspaperman named Amos Root publishes a first-hand account of the circular flight by the Wrights.

  • Rudder perfected

Changed rudder control to be independent to better control yaw (spins left/right) after Orville’s near-death experience in 2005, yaw being the last of the 3 most important parts of flying (after fixing Otto’s pitch & roll problems in 1900–1903). Thousands of flights occur in a field in Ohio, but local reporters don’t believe the rumors; most don’t even bother making the 8 mile trek to see one of Amercia’s greatest moments. The core basics of flying mastered!

  • Patent

Paris’s Herald Tribune headline “FLYERS OR LIARS?”. No flights in 1906 to wait for patent (approval) protection. On May 22, 1906 the Wrights’ first patent is issued (originally filed in 1903 but rejected) by USPO. Patent’s main features are 1) airelons for roll/bank-turns 2) rudder for yaw-control/banking-correction and 3) elevator for pitch/up-down control.

  • Marketing

No one flew in 1907. Let’s repeat this for emphasis. The airplane was invented 4 years prior to this, and not one person went up in one 4 years later despite THOUSANDS of flights conducted by the Wrights before this year. WHY??? The reason is the Wrights had to spend the entire year convincing national governments and officials and “experts” they were actually flying airplanes. They simply were not believed! The Wright’s thought they could get people to believe them simply because they knew more than anyone on the planet about flying, had patents and witnesses. But they wanted to protect their patents which were still in progress, so they didn’t want to fly in front of experts. Flying for officials as proof would’ve been like signing early BitCoin with private keys, eh? Given the cold shoulder by the US Army & Government, they began shopping their airplane design to Europe, then shipped themselves and their 2005 Flyer to France!

  • French intrigued

Lt. Frank Lahm meets Wilbur & Orville while a member of the fledgling Aeronautical Division of Army Signal Corps in 1907, and via correspondence convinces the Army to re-engage with the Wrights. By December the Army Signal Corp puts out specifications [4] for a $25,000 reward (about $2.5 million in 2020 dollars; Space-X just raised $1.9 billion in cash in their umpteenth round of funding) for a flying machine capable of 35 knots plus full maneuverability amongst several other requirements. So it was the threat of selling flying machines to France which got T. Roosevelt to finally move.

  • French Heroes

Wilbur begins flying expositions for France in the summer of 2008, and shuts up critics. A month later Orville in Virginia begins flight demonstrations for the US Government. But due to a crash & serious injury to Orville, the Army airplane trials are delayed a full year to the Fall of 2009.

Note the script at 1:07 in this historic video:

  • 1908 Apologie

Some “experts” on aviation (CRAZY, how could there be “experts” on flying when the Wright brothers are the only ones actually flying!? These “experts” were much more trusted than the inventor brothers) in France submit “For a long time, the Wright brothers have been accused in Europe of bluff … They are today hallowed in France, and I feel an intense pleasure … to make amends.” [L’Auto 1908]. PLEASURE? More like embarrassment. In one second, this fool who called Wright Brothers liars in public, was just fine — absolved by a non-caring public. Quite a difference from the Wrights experience of the past few years though! The Wright Brothers were labelled as liars and fools for 5 years, while the REAL fools were absolved of their own follies in a big city minute.

  • US Army interest

Orville begins demonstrations for the US Army in September 1908, but a crash takes Orville out of commission for a year. There were TWO OTHER proposals besides the Wright Bros’ which were approved for Signal Corp contract, yet the world waited for the Wright’s to come back in 1909. The brothers were the only flying-machine game in town.

  • 1909: United States realizes mistake

French fame from Wilbur’s year-long demonstrations in France precede their arrival in Washington DC. The president schmoozes them (after seeing all the PICTURES and videos of Wilbur’s flights) and the Wrights begin trials for the Army Signal Corps’ contract. President Taft doesn’t even bother sitting thru the entire demonstration. [4: actual footage of >1 hour requirement test-run w Lt. Lahm]. This is what BitCoiner’s likely have in store for them once BitCoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright plays his Trump card and some day reveals his sales of vast amounts of btc. But probably not.

  • Celebrity

For maybe a few months the Wright Brothers are heroes in the eyes of their countrymen and the world alike.

  • Unpopularity again

The Wrights have MANY copycats, and thus are forced to begin suing for patent infringement. American government and people, thanks to World War I’s use of airplanes to kill people as the flying machine’s first “killer app”, get made because patent fights supposedly delay improvement of the airplane and Europe surges ahead before the war. Patent concerns… hmmm, seems familiar.

  • 2020: “Modern” history

Wokepedia devotes a HALF paragraph to the Wright Brothers in the 7 paragraph pre-2003 “history” section of the wiki for “Airplane”. Unreal. History IS, in fact, written by the Wiktor.

Let’s play the Wikipedia “airplane” game, it’s called (Jimmy Wales) “Where’s Wilbur?”


Because it’s important to a story which is similarly occuring right now, it wasn’t ENTIRELY the world’s fault hardly anyone paid attention to the Wright Brothers. In another strange parallel, the Wright brothers had an INCENTIVE to not care if anyone believed them. They could get more work done, and advance their patents (sound familiar? We tire of writing this phrase so many times but it’s the point of the article after all) without distraction or competition.

Hiding in (the Ohio) PLAIN site

The Wrights HID a few things now and again. You wonder, if some guy invented flight, how could they CONTAIN themselves to hide it? Wouldn’t the Wright Brothers wanna just show everyone their PRIVATE KEY to PROVE they invented flying machines? Do try to remember, the Wright brothers gave up EVERYTHING to perfect flight. This is something they devoted almost every waking hour towards, for more than a decade (sound familiar BSV-ers?). Prior to this, the Wrights were bicycle-building professionals. They gave up a lot to do what no one else had the time, devotion, inkling or capital to do. Have you ever heard the parable of the Rich Man?

In the parable, as told by a guy who mostly received public flack his whole life, J.C. tells the story of a rich man who wanted to “enter the gates of heaven” and when the response from the master was “you must give up everything and follow me” — it was the one thing the rich man could not do. This is true in real life. Sometimes to achieve greatness, everything else must be left behind in order to focus.

“Sometimes when you win, you really lose; and, sometimes when you lose, you really win” — GLOR(Y)ia Clemente, White Men Can’t Jump

Without any further ado, here’s some fun quips about how it might be possible that the greater population could be misled by the media so easily. The spoiler: The Wrights were complicit in the deception of the mass public believing they had invented airplanes. This is important to consider, because it might be “Why/What you might be missing about BitCoin”. (

“…the brothers may have intentionally failed to fly in order to cause reporters to lose interest in their experiments. Whether that is true is not known, but after their poor showing local newspapers virtually ignored them for the next year and a half.” [source: Fred Howard]

“The Wrights were glad to be free from the distraction of reporters. The absence of newsmen also reduced the chance of competitors learning their methods.” [source: Crouch]

“A few newspapers published articles about the long flights, but no reporters or photographers had been there. The lack of splashy eyewitness press coverage was a major reason for disbelief in Washington, D.C. and Europe and in journals like Scientific American, whose editors doubted the “alleged experiments” and asked how U.S. newspapers, “alert as they are, allowed these sensational performances to escape their notice.” [source: “To Fly is Everything”]

“The Wright brothers were certainly complicit in the lack of attention they received. Fearful of competitors stealing their ideas, and still without a patent, they flew on only one more day after October 5. From then on, they refused to fly anywhere unless they had a firm contract to sell their aircraft. They wrote to the U.S. government, then to Britain, France and Germany with an offer to sell a flying machine, but were rebuffed because they insisted on a signed contract before giving a demonstration. They were unwilling even to show their photographs of the airborne Flyer. The American military, having recently spent $50,000 on the Langley Aerodrome — a product of the nation’s foremost scientist — only to see it plunge twice into the Potomac River “like a handful of mortar”, was particularly unreceptive to the claims of two unknown bicycle makers from Ohio. Thus, doubted or scorned, the Wright brothers continued their work in semi-obscurity, while other aviation pioneers like Santos-Dumont (Sachet?), Henri (Ver?) Farman, Léon (Back? Sun? Lee?) Delagrange and Glenn (Maxwell?) Curtiss entered the limelight.” [6: Just playing a game of guessing middle names, sorry for the distraction!]

“Higher, Orville, higher!” — Pops Wright, high up during the one & only flight of his life 1910

2015 + 6 = 2021

It took SIX LONG YEARS before the two lads, Orville & Wilbur Wright who lifted the human race to heights never before achieved, were recognized as the inventors of the airplane in their own country!

This is impossible to imagine today, as we are quite conscious of the long length of human history in which bipeds did NOT fly. So you’d THINK when someone saw guys up in the air, making turns with no strings attached for long periods of time and then landing without certain death, it’d be immediate worldwide news for the human race!?

“The Wright Brothers invented the airplane” is something every child is taught from a young age because it’s such an amazing human feat. The Wright Brothers invented flying machines by themselves, in isolation, and yet we as a people are all proud of it. Birds just flew by genetic right, but people had to INVENT flying. We are all humans, and we can be proud our species invented its own flying, but we are NOT all Wright brothers. Why do some wish to steal the accomplishments of others? Why do some feel the need to find the flaws in our superheroes? Hard to say; nonetheless, six long years in obscurity it was — for the Wright Brothers, AFTER they lifted themselves off the earth in a flying machine — for people to finally agree they were the masters of turning and control in the air. It’s a shame children aren’t taught as much about the DOUBT of the Wright Brothers as they are about the accomplishment — we could all learn much from both.

BitCoin Timeline:

12 years => The BitCoin whitepaper

11 years => Continuous running of BitCoin Nodes

6+ years => Craig Wright explaining how BitCoin works in detail

? years => The world stops calling CSW a fraud

The Rise & Fall & Rise of the Third Wright

“BitCoin was not the first proof-of-work system [14]…” — The Inventor of BitCoin

5 years after he was “outed” as Satoshi Nakamoto in a bit of a 3-way criss-cross of circumstances and interests, there are now many many ways to prove Doctor Craig S. Wright was the fountainhead of BitCoin. Several of them are highly technical, thus quite beyond the capabilities of most:


For example, knowledgeable computer coding (not networking) geeks could have watched Xiaohui Liu’s LIVE demonstration of Turing-complete looping in BitCoin scripting language in New York City in February 2020. This demonstration proved Craig’s statements of Bitcoin NETWORK Turing-completeness he made in front of Nick Szabo in a public panel in 2015:


Eggheads can pour over Craig’s mathematical paper on “Selfish Mining”, and the SEVERAL different ways that doesn’t work and will never be successfully implemented by anyone [9]. Some, like Peter Rizun, have used basic probability math to attempt to debunk Craig’s main paper on the subject, and yet Rizun’s criticisms ignore the larger mathematical problem, the boundary conditions, which make it more nuanced than the dimestore probability-Spoks would have everyone believe. Hire your best mathematician if you like, but you’ll find Craig was right again.


Networking [10] nerds could have looked up the “server farm” large-node implications in the Bitcoin whitepaper and early Satoshi writings to understand that Craig’s essays on “small world” and “mandela” networks were spot-on. and matched what was actually occurring in largest-block scaling networks like Bitcoin Satoshi Vision as well as even small-block networks like btc. But now we can simply SEE the difference: btc and eth aren’t scaling and rack up huge transaction costs because of poor networking topography such as mesh (“everyone is a node”) which allow traffic to clog. Btc’s network is so poor their core leadership actually bills massive per-transaction fees as a feature — btc is for elite monied class they say — a “store of value” but without the price stability necessary to actually BE an actual store of value.

Too many proofs to count:

There are many more technical proofs that Craig invented BitCoin — EACH deserving of an entire article. Why 2.1 quadrillion tokens? Why did he start with 50 bitcoin as the first subsidy tier? [12: “Zeno’s Pizza Pi” yum!] Why the double-hash? [13] For what were the blank OP_NOPs intended to be used? [19] As you can read from the footnotes, there’s no need to write the PROOFS for these — Craig already did. He even posted them publicly in proper academic fashion for worldwide peer review [3,4].


You don’t need to be technical to understand Craig is technically correct, you could just be a good poker player: Instead of reading Craig’s cards which are on full display like a royal flush “on the board”, just read the reactions of his oppontents to Craig’s “cards”. Craig Wright with his many doctorates, is openly showing his cards every day, in detail. But are we reading them?

His critics attacks are filled NOT with counter-arguments based in math, networking theory, or computational theory, but instead on ad hominem, ex silentio or post hoc attacks disguised with coder-speak and typical coder superiority-complex ‘tude [11]. In other words, if everyone around the poker table is folding to the big PUBLIC pot-raiser but snidely saying “someone should call him and make him prove it, make him SHOW ME (KEYS) CARDS”, just read the table’s ACTIONS.

Again, this is not an article going thru all the many many proofs Craig Wright is the creator of BitCoin; it’s an article which simply tells an earlier historical story to help the reader understand the methodology and circumstances by which the greatest inventor of our time could possibly be called a fraud.

The papers from the 1990s detailed an early concept of what is now called the blockchain. The difference was that the authors did not believe that a distributed consensus could be formed between each of the nodes. Here, the users of the network differ from the timestamping service, which is analogous to Bitcoin as the nodes differ from the users of the network. The distinction in Bitcoin is that I managed to find a way of allowing different individuals on the network to come and go. — CSW May 19, 2020 [5]

Man he looks sorta familar!

A Thought Experiment: truth vs the media

Imagine some guy named Clark six years ago (2014) emerged seemingly “out of the woodwork” and told people he could fly. Not in an airplane or even in a squirrel suit — but fly outright with nothing on but his invention: the anti-gravity belt.

This “superman” is rumored to be in some field in Ohio, or beach in Carolina (or maybe Brisbane?) just flying around, floating with ease. He’s been doing it for years now, and he hasn’t even met the president, or hob-knobbed with the Queen, or even shook hands or shared wine with the famous people of our time. The vast majority of people simply don’t believe him. Very smart people in software say this guy is nuts and a total fraud — people with highly technical top-college degrees on their wall. One non-believer even wrote flight simulator software which emulated flying — I mean he’s an expert right?

The media, who accept massive amounts of advertising dollars from the airlines, Euro-rail, and Tesla (which combined are over a trillion in value), all emphatically swear in big headlines that this man is a fraud. A FEW folks believe him, a small “cult” of a thousand people [7] then a year later 25,000 people. They are a small bunch — certainly too small to pay the lucrative ad dollars that big transportation companies can. For every person who believes the man, there are 100 self-proclaimed “experts” loudly expounding to anyone who will lis that he’s a fraud while they hawk their OWN rocket-suits (which launch people up, but crash land to death). There’s even a few guttersnipes who know the man is telling the truth, yet STILL call him a plagiarist or a liar because they have their own products to sell to a flight-suit-hungry population.

In our fictional story here, technology experts are consulted: Jamie “Nickel’n” Dimen, the esteemed Crimson University Professor Larry Lessigmore, and Silliconman John. After interviewing these “experts”, the news outlets print stories of fraud. But why would these experts lie?

There’s a trillion reasons, one dollar per reason. If this “flying man” is for real, entire industries will be up-ended and fortunes will be lost, replaced by new fortunes. Not only will the promoters of fake flying belts lose their easily-gotten investment horde, but even legacy enterprises, such as Jamie and Larry, will soon lose their competitive edges and be left standing on their soapboxes with no listeners. Their flocks will all be off flying using the new anti-gravity belts made by Clark’s company “nFly”. When businesses are unable to fight fairly anymore, they use their SIZE and INFLUENCE to fight dirty. Unfortunately this isn’t a new concept, just ask Robert Kearns [8].

There is lots of historical precedent in business history:

Typewriter companies disparage IBM

IBM disparages Microsoft

Microsoft disparages Apple & Google

Google disparages Facebook

Facebook disparages Snapchat

Think it ever ends? Old money ALWAYS insults new money. Constantly competing is tiring, it’s much easier to use force — the media, connections, backroom deals. But it NEVER works, progress wins. This is important to remember, human progress ALWAYS wins and cannot be quelled. A properly functioning BitCoin will not be silenced, but grow into a bigger problem for legacy companies protecting their margins.

If you get paid to predict things, history is your closest confidante.

Here’s a recap, and we write this recap so you can compare it to what’s happening now:

It took 6 full YEARS for the people of the world to acknowledge the Wright Brothers. Dr. Wright came out as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2015.

Other “experts” in flying received more attention than the Wrights, EVER AFTER being the first people to create and fly airplanes. The “cryptocurrency” sector achieved nearly a trillion dollar market cap in 2017.

For 6 years, no one really paid attention other than some really cult-y geeky folks. After 1908 the brother’s probably had bodyguards they were so popular, but people could’ve found them putzing around a field in Ohio and talked with them as long as they liked. Dr Craig Wright has been easily accessible to those who respect his work.

Much like Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road, the rabble-rousing organization known as “Anonymous”, and Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, airplanes FIRST use case was nefarious: World War 1 “Red Baron” killing machines. Invented as something beautiful, the airplane didn’t first commercially carry people from city to city, instead they were quickly employed to KILL people!

The Wrights shifted to Ohio farmland, which was even MORE obscure than Kitty Hawk back then. They practically HID from the press — if they could’ve been pseudonymous with fake names they probably would’ve done it. Dr Wright put his head down in Australia and sold BitCoin to finance businesses researching how to USE BitCoin for GOOD purposes — from 2011 to 2015 when the MARKETING began.

Even after a year of quick fame, when people were forced to acknowledge what they had accomplished as the foremost experts on flying with countless hours of flight time under their belts, the Wrights became somewhat unliked for having the nerve to SELL their patented ideas to other airplane companies. People didn’t like the Wright Brothers trying to patent everything around their invention — and there was a LOT to patent — they’d worked pretty hard improving ALL areas of flight. Not only did they accomplish a lot just to get their first bird off the ground, but they spent years fine-tuning the airplane long after they were famous for it. Dr Wright’s employer nChain is repeatedly in trouble with the public for attempting to patent what they’ve created. This is despite the fact nChain has promised not to use the patents against those persons working on top of top of the BSV blockchain.

Before the Wright’s might enjoy the incredible invention and accomplishment they showed the world, the war “NEEDS” quickly set them back into relative obscurity. The world took from them and ran with it because the TECHNOLOGY was more important to the human race than giving fair financial remuneration to its inventor. Robert Kearn should be happy that intermittent wipers were so important, he was better off.

The sad thing is, even amongst those in the community who know Craig Wright invented a new money which solves a 50 year currency problem (probably the world’s biggest problem right now since fiat is a massive tax on human productivity), you will hear “Last Supper Peter” comments such as “It doesn’t matter if Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not, the technology stands on its own with him or without him”.

Here to tell you: It DOES matter.

Like the Wright Flyer of 1903, BitCoin is an incredible elegant invention which is one of the greatest creations of our era, and possibly THE greatest. If you take the work of each giant who created the tools Craig put together to make BitCoin, just understanding each one is a hard task and requires acute honed expertise in that particular field:


Elliptic curve math

An attestment time chain

Computer science hashing algorithms

Esoteric assembly language-like Forth code

C++ programming

Adam Smithian human nature

Psychology of the longest chant

Game Theory

Computer network topology & Bayesian statistics

Internet protocol

Biologically-inspired signalling

Business morality and ethics

National and international law considerations

It’s a herculean feat. So don’t cheapen it or hedge it by looking for human quirks in the inventors — such as trying to say he plagiarized his papers (People are now saying the same of Einstein — eyes roll). Instead just celebrate the achievement. It’s not like the man is demanding the Senate be shut down to make him Emperor (and this has happened, MULTIPLE times in history); quite the opposite, he’s been asking for his privacy to continue doing what he loves, what he’s best left doing — RESEARCH.

We honor so many LESS significant people without feeling the need to cut them down. Local Jiu Jitsu black belt instructors have received far more respect and praise than this giant among giants. This achievement, BitCoin, is something to celebrate with wide smiles and ticker parades — — like if you got a front seat at Kitty Hawk to watch some humans fly!

The appropriate thing to say, when we as members of humanity are given a huge gift, is really simple for the decent among us:



By John Pitts, first written in Feb 2020, but delayed for extensive editing til October 2020

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[0] History wasn’t always in BOOKS:

This is a concept which is important today as computers and BitCoin will form perhaps the greatest documentation of history in human history — outside of genetic code itself which happens to be quite similar to the chain of computed blocks BitCoin forms! BitCoin is often called the immutable ledger, but it’s really only “immutable” from national interests since BitCoin’s decentralized distributed robust network spans borders across the Earth. If your data is removed from the BitCoin network it’s likely you haven’t just violated a national law but NATURAL law — the natural law of human decency. On the positive side we can record IMPORTANT milestones and timeStamp them such that they cannot be changed or rewritten. Historical context can be preserved, so long as the historical information is valuable and exceeds the value of the underlying Bitcoin onto which it’s stored.

[1] “SL”

[2] Tsunami Stones

[3] Air Foil theory debunked?

[4] U.S. Army Signal Corps flying-machine requirements

[5] Footage of Orville Wright meeting the 1 hour time-in-air requirement of Army Signal Corps

[6] Wikipedia’s “Wright Brothers: Establishing Legitimacy”

[7] Money Button accounts

2019: >1,000 accounts

…a year later…

2020: >30,000 accounts

[8] Flash of Genius: One inventor takes on Ford Motor Company

[9] Selfish Mining Bet

We’re still waiting for Peter Rizun to figure out he lost his bet with Dr. Wright, and admit he doesn’t understand mathematical boundary conditions, or problem scope, and admit Craig was right.

Selfish Mining Papers

The complete understanding of Selfish Mining can obtained from the papers of “Marlow” on Medium:

Marlow — Medium (any guesses who “Marlow” is?)

The Peter Rizun academic papers

…on Selfish Mining are here…


[10] NETWORKING is a separate field of technological study with it’s own idiosyncratic knowledge-base:

Perhaps unbeknownst to some readers who are technology “muggles”, NETWORKING is a COMPLETELY independent field of study from coding (“Coding” was known as “programming” back before the 1990s)

[11] ‘tude

Short for “attitude”…

[12] ZENO’s Pizza! Why block subsidy set at 50? 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125… etc…

“I have written them as 50/100, 25/100, et cetera for a reason” — Dr Craig Wright

[13] Why double hash?

[14] Earliest “proof-of-work system”

[15] wikipedia’s not the last word

Philadelphia BitCoin developers are already working on changing the encyclopedia business model forever — using BitCoin of course.

[16] Theology:

[17] Newton’s Law III in Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

English translation by Andrew Motte in 1729.

Source = U. Cal Berkley & Google Books

[18] Bernoulli’s Effect

If mass is conserved between two unequal geometrical systems, and momentum and energy are conserved, then VELOCITY must be what changes. This is why you make water faster out of your garden-hose by constricting the area where the water can come out. The air molecules on TOP of the air foil MUST move quicker because the air is compressed volumetrically & pressure decreases which draws the molecules faster and creates a lighter situation above the wing than below the wing.


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