The Mesh < Small World < Mandala/Mandela < Wright-Network (note: “is less than”) is one of the last pieces of the puzzle I’ve yet to fully research. From a helicopter view tho, it’s pretty obvious what you’re saying about networking is true, and it’s an absolute gem when you say BitCoin is about the SPEED at which a node can send his mined blocks, not the speed at which a node can find them. Brilliant.

Now understand your “sawtooth” chart (y-axis = transactional block reward, x-axis = time or block-intervals), which combined with difficulty adjustment, scale (many transactions), zero-ing of block rewards, Proof of Work, 21mm hard cap, immutable protocol all form a masterpiece of artificial intelligence.

I don’t know everything yet, but I know enough to take you at your word MOST of the time — and when it comes to BitCoin and asset-backed money ALL of the time.

Thank you so much for the posts, John

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