The internet has already solved most of this network-scaling issue [1], so it’s “off-the-shelf” tech for the future of mining node companies. Craig is pointing out the PROTOCOL scales. Network scaling (especially speed) is incentivized in the protocol, thanks to the competitive nature of simoultaneously-produced blocks: the fastest block wins in that case. As BitCoin scales, losing a very large peak block bc you (the mining co) didn’t optimize your network architecture (propagation) will be a sour pill to swallow. This lights a competitive fire under the ass of mining companies to invest in fast propagation — and that means network capital investment.

Won’t even get in to the farther-down consideration for nodes optimizing routes from users, which in turn allows bigger blocks.

Essentially, BitCoin will repave the internet for higher speed, reliability, and lower transaction costs. It’s a nearly alive A.I. machine. It’s beautiful, like the Wright Brothers’ airplane.

[1] in response to Hansen

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