The court filings have been EXCELLENT reads so far, but it doesn’t seem like anyone reads them. Ive found some true gems in there (stuff the doubters would love to know) and the court case hasn’t even begun yet.

Can’t wait to see more — people are going to learn (and then probably forget again, unfortunately) what historical context is.

This case is HIGHLY political and several supposedly “impartial” people involved have monetary incentives & direct ties to the highest levels of US political organizations. Hope your team not underestimating them and that Aussie-Man-Bad isn’t stuck in a KANGAROO court. Wow is THAT some ironic entomology (gold, Australian Men Bad, crappy courts)…

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Unfortunate you have to spend this time going over the past in fine detail, but wishing for you that it somehow leads to something unexpectedly good.


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