Step 2 Correction:

To get the menu he shoes in the picture, you have to right click ScrollView and drag it to the UIView which is its SuperView (parent). In other words, you’re creating a relationship between the scrollView and the UIView such that they are equal.

If you don’t do this right, chances are you wont’ see anything at all due to constraints errors.

Even with this, you MAY experience a weird “bat-wings” color at the upper left and upper right of your screen. This is because your UIView background color (such as pink) doesn’t match your ScrollView background color (such as black), so you’d be able to see the UIView background for about 4 pixels height above your ScrollView. This can be maddening to debug, but one easy fix is to simply color both backgrounds the same. Suspect this hiccup of staggered “cards” effect was implemented in a recent “update” of XCode and iOS/Swift, the same one which changed how modal segue animations and UI looks.

Just wanna say this article was super helpful, other than that omission which cost about an hour or two to fix.

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