So OPCODES are simple, like assembly language, and metanet is the simplest data networked form on top of OPCODES? How does this compare to an internet connected to corporate nodes running oracle databases?

Do you anticipate an object oriented language being attached above these foundational parts? Or many of them?

Can you talk price? If building from scratch tomorrow, a search engine (say a Bitcoin-only search engine), how would you divide up all the parts and would you be cheaper per search by using Bitcoin+metanet? Computation, mapping large swaths of data? if Google were all-knowing, what would be the best way from them to proceed to save money?

when you’ve built your thing, it seems like it will be strongest on the back-end vs competitors. Seems like a great idea to pair your superior back-end to a front-end which already has users, but can benefit from a superior “engine”. Like a DuckDuckGo or similar. If this makes sense (Expedia under Rich Barton did something similar when they added hotels and created the model which birthed Priceline/ I can help.

Random odd question: Are you familiar with the guy who created the computer program/virus called “Animal” who went on to found AutoCad? Like JD Salinger he’s been hidden in Europe somewhere for years, and you remind me of him.

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