SLictionary loves hi-traffic napalm in the morning, smells like…

Thanks to Mr Nicky Niu the BitCoin Tramp being a titan in the #BSV community, his single powerful tweet today…

…resulted in SLictionary reaching its database limit today — something we couldn’t imagine given we haven’t even been recording transactions for a full month yet. So we upped our limit immediately upon realizing we HAD a daily limit on the Beta-release website. [We aren’t releasing on until July when we’ve completed what we consider our base requirements for being a well-rounded application with a proper feature set (We have something called Word Bounty coming which is quite important to our full concept — and it will be great for both searchers AND Word$miths). While I don’t consider our app as completed phase 1 until Word Bounty is complete, we are up and running bc we reached MVP a month ago — allowing people to search for words and creative Word$miths to define/write/”smith” words. Smithed words will stay (for life if you’re really good at this) thru our transition to next month, so the only change for users will be the website address — easier to remember “slictionary” than the “fc2aoaoaoao…” nonsense.

Altho we’ve fixed the problem, we’ve noticed in our testing this fine Sunday that the site can occasionally “act-up”, probably as the “cloud” adjusts to change in traffic levels. So just be aware there might be an occasional refresh until the system “settles in.”


Now that we’ve explained what happened today, possibly during a full hour this afternoon, we’d like to apologize to anyone who we collected a penny and didn’t give back at LEAST your entered-definition or “Lucky You” search-page return (which will change by next week’s Word Bounty update). If you reply to Nicky’s tweet or DM @equitydiamonds or respond to this article with a reply and your contact info of any kind, I’ll personally make sure we refund your failed search on the full honor system.

Contacts: &


If you’ve happened upon this article, we might as well open up and give you a sneak preview of what’s to come soon, besides the change next month to the slictionary website:

Word Bounty:

our first “game”… or maybe “game theory” is better?

Word Bounty is a way to pay Word$miths for already-paid searches — searches which resulted in our “Lucky You” page explaining how you can make money DEFINING the word we didn’t have, rather than be annoyed we’re a young communal dictionary in the first seconds of the long ‘football game’ towards becoming the absolute best, most efficient, most enjoyable, and most profitable (for the community and hopefully us too) dictionary the world has ever seen.

Instead of just ONE option for an undefined word, we’re going to give you 4 options.

  1. I Define”: We’ll apply your penny search towards our 1 penny “smithing fee” (which keeps the riffraff out — aka spambots, advertisers, etc…) and you can go right to learning the word elsewhere but definining it in your own words — your own unique creative way (go test the “chicken” pronunciation audio which was done by a very special & dear 9 year-old) on SLictionary. The hope here is that you learn more by DOING than reading, but also you’ll earn your fee back in no less than TWO lightbulbie votes by subsequent traffic who looks up that same word and votes on your new definition. “I Define” technically exists now, which is why we don’t apologize for missed word searchers and instead say “Lucky You”. We mean it, it is more divine to define than to search. But also it pays to define. That said, we double-charge you the penny for the failed search, and a penny again to define. We’ll change that to the benefit of the user when Word Bounty is complete, to raise the ROI even higher for smithing words.
  2. Put up for communal BOUNTY for “free”. Instead of giving you a free smith, we’ll put your search word up for smithing by a hungry Word$mith or Word$miths. It will be a list of undefined words for which searchers have already paid. Word$miths can come to Word Bounty main page and hound-dog new words to define. Those definitions will receive votes during a week-long competition, and the top vote-getting Word$mith will pick up the full bounty as reward. This is a PROOF OF WORK in the real-ist sense. Obviously the new definition will then stick, and earn all future votes so long as it’s preferred by the community of searchers/voters. So be creative and use ALL the assets we provide (more coming). Hint: GIFs work, and a moving picture = million words. If you elect this option, your paymail ID will go up onto Word Bounty next to the word. Why?
  1. PRIORITY Word Bounty: Charity that’s why. EXAMPLE: Let’s say the incredibly generous WallStreet5 wishes to not just hand over $1 to the next newb with a BSV wallet, but instead he could do a giveaway that gives back, such as simply typing “GENEROSITY” into Slictionary and then applying a higher bounty than the automatic penny of option 2. This adds a little bit of fun to Word Bounty, as we can post contests from time to time to see how creative you can be with a word. Think of it as a “drag race” (our first name for Word Bounty game) for prize money, with prize money put up by generous folks. Words could even be put up by commercial entities like “Twetch” or “BAEmail” or “Moneybutton”. We have a plan for that, so there won’t be any sneaky ads in our system. (OR, you can simply not search for “SLictionary” and you won’t get our self-promotional definition!
  2. NullC: In the spirit of our favorite reddit multi-split-personalities, DO NOTHING. the “nullc” option means you can just go on your merry way and not do any useful actions at all which benefit the community, just like 1-meg greg. Just kidding, if you do nothing we STILL post the word in Word Bounty for the full amount of the search fee (1 penny), but we do NOT attach your name. What if you posted “psychopath” and don’t want your Paymail to be seen next to that word by your employer — especially if you’re like employee #5 at a BSV titan like UniSOT or HandCash and your boss is a tyrant like Stefan or Alex. (both super nice people btw). This allows SLictionary to cater to it’s yang side without tarnishing the reputatioins of our searchers.

That’s it, that’s Word Bounty, and we should have it up and running SOON — which in software means “next weekend” (= hopefully before mid July).

We have plenty of work to do to clean up our site of little errors and annoyances, to make SLictionary better, and we’ll field any suggestions (until we formalize that process) at the contact addresses listed above. We love loud angry feedback by frustrated users, as a loud customer is a customer that cares. So feel free to take the gloves off when you criticize us, we’re from Philadelphia, believe me when I say we’ve seen worse tyrades. Know our list is long, and we think of our opporunity in dictionary as a green-field opportunity bc the world has not seen the likes of what communal power, armed with BitCoin micro transactions, can do.

SLictionary: Our site gets better every transaction. You can love us at 200 words, or 20,000 words, or 20 million words defined, you’re choice. But the earlier you love us, if you like words and the society who creates them as much as we do, the richer we’ll help make you.

We’d thank you more for trying us out today, making us scramble, but in the words of Don Draper:

“That’s what the money is for!”

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