Sensei Craig,

Once again you teach an old dog new tricks; never thought too much about having a money which could last generations — unless it was a yellow metal. But BitCoin can truly do the same as ‘old gold’ but much easier…

love this….

“Bitcoin is a system of stewardship. It is a system where people improve the land they work on so that they can leave something better for their children. Not one where you take money now, but one where you create a business — designed not to last months or years or even decades, but generations.”

I can’t wait for the day when people can use one of your patents to write a “living will” for their kin. Not ‘living will’ as in “take me off the machines when I’m a vegetable” but ‘living will’ as in: a person’s will becomes animated after death— — executing his estate affairs after he dies as if the will is a living representation of himself beyond death.

But I love the part about employees having passion even more.

Keep on truckin!

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