Robert Melluish pointed out perfectly the flaw in your system.

Miners don’t care about validators, if there were only 3 miners and 500 validators, the miner “X” wouldn’t care one lick if all 500 validators claimed miner X’s block was invalid, miner X would keep mining on top its found block anyway. ONLY, and this is important Theotis, ONLY if the 2 other miners — the only nodes on the network that matter (in this extreme scenario which wouild favor your idea if your idea had any chance of being correct) — decided NOT to build on Miner X’s block, would Miner X be concerned his block is invalid. Let’s count up the votes, shall we?

Miner X mines a block, so obviously he builds on top of the block, a “yes”.

Miner Y see Miner X’s block and votes for it by mining the next block on it, “yes”.

Miner Z, call it an error, call it malice, call it an agreement with 497 “validating nodes”, call it anything you like, decides to continue mining the old block — votes “no”. (again, we pamper your essay with the best case possible for you)

Meanwhile, ALL 497 “validators” block Miner X, in some sort of hissy fit. Not sure what they are blocking tho, bc Miner’s X, Y, and Z will continue doing what they are doing. So the 497 validators turn off incoming transactions and blocks from Miner X. Who cares? These validators have no vote.

So what happens?

Miner Z, assuming he’s equal hashing or 33% of the network, has an expected average time of finding a block of about 30 minutes.


Miner’s X and Y who have 66% of the hashing power of the whole network, continue mining on top of Miner X’s block. Guess what? Their expected block comes in at (educated math guessing here) ~ 15 minutes.


While the “validators” are mad and playing games, Miner X and Miner Y are running away with the longest chain by finding new blocks at twice Miner Z’s ill-informed rate, even if Miner Z solves the next puzzle. In fact, the big loser in this situation ,besides all the foolish validators who are torching money as fast as they can for zero good reason, is Miner Z. That poor sap got lucky and solved the next hash-puzzle, but will end up not getting paid bc all his transactions from that orphaned block will be ignored by now the only 2 miners who matter, X and Y.

in reality, if Miner Z isn’t on pills, is Miner Z will give up, and joing Miner’s X and Y and stop his foolish ploy to help validators achieve nothing.

Only miners matter, validating nodes means nothing. You wanna save the planet from coal smoke and damned-up salmon runs? Shut your validating-node pie hole down!

Stay GREEN my friends!

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