Read whole thing. Where is all the evidence U found CSW is not Satoshi? All I’m seeing is you don’t like his personality.

What would you do if thousands of people online began proclaiming you a fraud a liar and a crook? Seriously, how would you handle it? If they said show us all your personal records, your bank account, your children’s locations, your credit card transactions etc… just for them to STOP calling you a fraud, how would U respond? Would you hand over all your private information? Where would you draw the line? Maybe where YOU draw it isn’t where someone else draws it. Not everyone is you.

Personally find CSW’s articles are filled w evidence he’s who he says he is. He chose to give you the information he WANTS to give you at the moment, and promise more later.

This article is one of many many articles whose only logic is: “show me your private key”. It’s lazy, written by those who won’t do the work of pursuing how Bitcoin works, why might Satoshi have designed it that way, and where is it meant to go and why?

No one else has stepped up to challenge CSW’s copyrite. Why? No one has written “I am not Craig S. Wright” . Why?

Why CSW so confident as to risk prison time if someone else steps up? Seems like a gutsy bet to make. Also, Keliman estate isn’t challenging his statement that he is Satoshi. Why?

You haven’t done any real work; in fact, one could say this article makes way less sense than anything or anyone you claimed to have conversed/”researched”

Is BSV Turing complete? Ian Grigg says yes; Szabo says no. How about you? Care to put out research debunking Grigg & Sgantzos?

Why does Google not seem to be able to find “Grigg Sgantzos” paper when typing both names? Fishy.

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