Pittsenberg (Investment) Uncertainty Principle

Right now is a great TIME to buy what MIGHT prove to be one of the best investments of our lifetime: BitCoin Satoshi Vision ( $BSV, #BSV ). The reason for this is upcoming catalysts in the next 3.5 months:

November/December-Feb: There’s some whispers out there an attack vector is being formulated by some mischevious souls who might have fired a “shot across the bow” of btc last week with a 100MB flooding of the mempool with low-fee near-zero-value transactions. Our next article will be about how that might work and how much it might cost and addressing the legality of the attack. (stay tuned shortly). What this means is btc could look like a fool soon if they struggle to deal with mempool flooding attack (sorta like a modified DOS attack).

January 1, 2020: Satoshi’s “Shamir Secret”, which I believe is 4/7 signatures to unlock the Tulip Trust set up for his family, may allow the long-awaited movement of over 800k BitCoin trading in the btc and bch markets. The potential of this occurance also deserves its own full article, as there are MANY possible strategic nuances to how it could go down (pun intended). We probably don’t have to explain the obvious ones for your consideration; yet, there’s still some interesting nuances here a lot of people have failed to properly consider in their risk/reward calculations inside of a hundreds of billions strong market. Here at EquityDiamonds we have some extra theories here which are just estimations of things which will never see the light of day in the press no matter what happens in the future. But that’s for private discussions only.

January/February: GENESIS. No we’re not talking Sussudio here or epic drum solos — we’re talking 0.1 Protocols that’re built to last 100s of years. OP_CODES that don’t grow and maintain Siberian-monk-like minimalism for the sake of coding purity. This ALSO deserves its own article, bc while many hard core BSV-ers can tell you some basics of what Genesis means, left out is the optionality of what ELSE might come with the Genesis announcment. Think of it like when Apple announces their new iPhone: Not EVERY year, but once in awhile there’s a “one more thing” announcement like Airpods or Apple Watch or Apple TV or the iPad which blows people away and leads to #1 market share in a brand new category. What’s nChain been doing for years? Might they have a little something ELSE up their sleeve? Maybe the Metanet? Maybe Teranode? Maybe something even higher up the stack than those semi-understood concepts? One thing is certain tho, after GENESIS BSV is ready for anything, it’s a foundation set in stone for upside-down-pyramid-like structures to be built atop it’s simplistic base.

February 20–21: CoinGeek / Bitcoin Association London BSV Conference. “What some people don’t realize” is how much of a circus this conference could become due to the catalysts above. Get your tickets now, they alone might be good investments when February rolls around. What we can tell you with clarity, is that for as amazing as CG/BA have been in setting up these world class conferences, ALL the stops will be pulled out for this one. It’s the Woodstock of BitCoin coming up, and just saying you attended could be a badge of honor with your grandkids some day. If all goes well it will truly be a celebration, and informational fountain of youth, and the birth of the last great natural finish to the computing revolution begun with Alan Turing himself. By this point, there’s a probability that 2020 is the 1999.com all over again. “SV” replacing “.com”. WeatherSV, RateSV, and maybe even something we’ve got cooking! (stay tuned)

So TIMING looks pretty good right now, but what’s this “Investment Uncertainty Principle”?

WERNER HEISENBERG’S UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE: In quantum mechanics, Heisie proved mathematically that in quantum mechanics, the closer your precision in measuring a particle’s location, the worser your precision in measuring its speed/momentum. And Vice Versa. The reason for this is Einstein’s Relativity demands it, as a boundary condition on everything in the Universe. Hell, Einstein prolly offered to give Heisenburg a cold beer and a wienerschnitzel when he first saw this principle, it’s truly super-duper-cool and mathematically indisuputable, yet still extremely hard to interpret (is it a limitation of man’s ability to measure, or a fundamental principle of orthogonally dimensional space/time? YOU decide!)

Presenting for the first time: A investment corollary to Heisenberg’s beautiful Uncertainty Principle:

The more secure you feel about the TIMING of your investment, the more volatile the PRICE will be. The more smarmy you are about the PRICE you paid for an investment, the LESS likely you are to be paid quickly.


Pittsenberg Investment Uncertainty Principle


bitcoin core” or “btc” is the former-bitcoin where Blockstream and others irreversibly changed the protocol beginning with P2SH which was implemented in 2012 after Satoshi Nakamoto washed his hands of the project in dispair and fear for the worst (while still working hard on his beloved BitCoin in the background). Remember when Chipotle spun off from McDonald’s? Imagine if McDonald’s the burger restaurant got the name Chipotle and the burrito restaurant got the name McDonald’s. You’d be rightly confused correct? Yep, that’s what happened when bitcoin core leaders decided to implement P2SH, SEGWIT, and Lightning Network. All VERY bad ideas, and if you’re not already seeing this (hint hint LN we’re looking at you kid), you might be seeing another HARD example of it soon.

PS: our job is to give you the best investments at the exact best timing and odds, with as best probability of success as we can research. Consider this article a free gift, and we’ll not bother with the legal-beagle nonsense you read at the end of any script which might be influencing your adult decisions which clearly you will bear the consequences.

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