Once a stable protocol is written, as if in stone, it doesn’t require software developers after that. What are you doing??

Moses wrote the 10 Commandments in two stone tablets; those commandments didn’t change once per year. They were set in stone for a reason.

Up the hill near Fukishima, there are stones which say “don’t build below this line”. Those messages are from 100s of years ago, warning those in the future that hundreds-years-tsunamis come by and destroy everything. Fail to heed at your own peril.

BitCoin was written with rules intended to be followed. Fixes were made for early bugs, but barring bugs the protocol was written in a certain way for a reason — to be adhered and enforced by miners. They were written like the internet protocol to serve as the stable foundation and base layer of a large computational network. BitCoin wasn’t supposed to be changed or limited.

Read up on what money is:


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