Murphsicles, this is a really great article, thanks. Learned a few important new tricks reading it. Lost me in a few spots but maybe bc I’m Reading it while half asleep at 3am insomnia hour.

Most importantly your article sheds light on the purpose of Chronicle. I would imagine nChain is only delaying it in order to add parallel computing in concert with TO/FROMAlTSTACK in order to truly maximize speed at scale & for Moore’s Law to be given lots of room to work its magic (sure hope Moore’s Law continues as long as Satoshi thinks!)

Before retreading this and moving on to Xiaohui Liu’s atomic swap article, I’ll send one easy question your way:

Why “in anger”?

Seems like a bit of a joke but it’s lost on me. Please share.


John Pitts

Recommends the BEST equities (“Diamonds”) WHEN they are (“in the Roughage”) at the lowest price to achieve the highest long term gains.

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