Mr. Wright has truly put his nuts on the anvil here, both with the Copyright filing but even moreso with his declaration of ownership of the early blocks as he pointed out here. At this point he’s put out SO MUCH information it’s going to be a source of embarrassment that highly intelligent but stubborn ignorant people could still possibly believe he’s not the inventor of Bitcoin — talk about conspiracy theorists. The guy has a family and employees and investors who all rely on him, there’s no historical precedence of a man who would so so much work to just be a fraud. How is this not perfectly clear to rational people?? The fact we aren’t as a world celebrating the nifty creative well-planned invention of Bitcoin, & the MetaNet it almost magically creates/incentivizes, is a source of shame the likes of which mankind hasn’t seen since maybe Nikolai Tesla. I hope for a happy ending, yet negativity and ignorance of the majority is so loud and disgracefully boastful I honestly don’t know if the good guys will win this one. Cherish the man’s strength thru all this, and hope the bright side of all the vitriol he’s endured in the past 4 years perhaps makes him a true unicorn — a billionaire who doesn’t morally turn into a piece of shit. We’ve got plenty of those. Keep on truckin’ Craig, hope you attain your goal of most patents or working til your 100 or solving Einstein’s General Relativity or whatever is your goals. We shall all be better off for it if you succeed.

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