Jerry, you can avoid back-to-issuer if you make the user the issuer, like for NFTs if the user is an artist. so in this respect, there's not even the platform as 3rd party indexer. There was never an indexer for art or other things people can own, so why start now? If the owner WANTS to be indexed (like with Sotheby's or Christie's for art, or by SLictionary for SLicDef definitions), then it's possible to do so, and give the owners FULL ownership rights, including redemption.

B2G can be important for art NFTs. it's not solved by bitcoin inherently as a counterfieter (common in the art world) can make an exact copy of a valuable SLicDef token (such as Jerry's definition of "STAS") and then attempt to sell you the "Brooklyn Bridge"-- a knock-off. In this case, the originals need an oracle, or better phrased as an authenticator (of art).

Cannot blame devs for wishing they could have a way to prevent counterfieting, but CSW is right in that Nodes shouldn't be tasked with EVERYTHING, just the basics to make the UTXO & bitcoin transactions systems work.

I was a bit confused by the wording of this:

" In all cases forged tokens cannot be practically ‘passed off’ as real, and no tokens accidentally sent to wallets which cannot understand or spend STAS tokens will be lost — it just means that the recipient will have to download and use a STAS supporting wallet in order to move the tokens."

Not sure what you mean by "forged tokens cannot be practially passed off". Seems like they can.

Then it also seems that tokens accidentally sent to a non-STAS wallet would be kinda "lost" if the recieving wallet doesn't recognize, but if the recieving wallet has software to refuse STAS tokens, then not lost. and yes, STAS is not lost if the wallet provider cleans up and shows STAS tokens (recieved) in the future. But I'm not sure how each of our main BSV wallet would recieve STAS tokens. While our wallet recognizes OUR Stas tokens, I wonder if they'd recognize Centi's or Vianex's?


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