Isn’t 50,000 x 100 = 5 million users? (Not 100 million)

5 million users is spit in an Olympic-sized pool. If a Kartrashian adopted Dimely or BAEmail and posted it publicly BSV would have 5 million users within a year or two.

SLictionary has no ads. If you value your time you’ll eventually use it over all other dictionaries. Right now it only has 100 words — but that’s by design. Like BitCoin in 2009 SLictionary has no premine. It’s a dictionary like Webster’s pre 1806 original — we’re just releasing it WHILE it’s being written. This isn’t a brand new concept, SLictionary follows on the heels of eBay, Wikipedia, and even your brain in starting off as a clean slate. The “genesis word” in SLictionary was “SLictionary” and evening as the founders we may not have even provided its best definition. We leave that decision to the “lightbulb-moments” users, searchers, learners, & scrabblers have when reading a definition on the site.

Consumers will come to SLictionary for 3 reasons right now while it doesn’t contain all the definitions you’d expect in a dictionary.

  1. They can make money long term as WordSmiths. If you are early on a clean slate business that pays microtransactions for a long time (like forever) you can “clean up” vs later arrivals. This is first-mover advantage — just be sure to write really good definitions in case another WordSmith thinks “I Can Do Better”.

2. Fun way to learn.

SLictionary has a discovery look-ahead feature which shows you all the words it contains for ANY combination of letters you type into the search bar. If you type ‘er’ you will see serendipity listed. This is a return to being able to page thru the dictionary like we could do with the book versions. Others don’t have this — they show a few “top words” or “trending” words and call it a day. We let you have fun with it — seeing which words you can learn in advance. Meanwhile, SLictionary becomes a better dictionary every day.

Learning is best done by doing not reading. so if you really really really want to learn a word, look up all the definitions you can find, and then ask people what the word means, and then write the definition yourself as if you were teaching your child. Not only is it the best way to learn a word, but you will be paid to help others behind you learn the word.

3. It’s fun.

Did you ever hear someone say “if you look up ‘trash’ in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of his face”, while pointing to his buddy in jest? You can do this in SLictionary. If it’s not a good definition it might get pruned some day — but that day is not now. For now you can define anything you like in SLictionary and then post it on social media or impress your friends with definitions which are funny and personal and local. SLictionary won’t judge your entry — we will let the users do that with votes which cost real money.

When SLictionary gets into the tens of thousands of words it will become a more serious dictionary destination and compete with other dictionaries. Unless those dictionaries change rapidly SLictionary will win because we’ve modernized the way dictionaries work in many interesting but important ways we won’t discuss here. Just go to the site…

…and smith a word — browch (browse + search) what words you can learn and most of all HAVE FUN WITH IT! Words and language are created by society and are fun, and SLictionary takes the power of words out of dusty academic libraries and returns it to the people where it’s always been and always will be.

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