How MetaNet works economically is at this point MUCH more important than how it works technically. Large computers are fast and cryptography is very secure, so honestly 100% of time investigating the MetaNet should be spent figuring out why it will be cheaper than AWS or Google Cloud, or iCloud. What else could possibly be important? If a Node is large it can have much cheap storage and can certainly compute many things quickly. This all can be believed without much imagination. But how can it be cheaper or more efficient?

Plus, until the economic model is understood the technicals are irrelevant.

The question is very simple and doesn’t even involve MetaNet protocols at all: How will 1 Satoshi per byte become cheaper — by what incentive to the miners?

No one from Craig to you or any other BSV prophets have answered. Beginning to think there is no answer.

Until economics is understood, metanet is just a bunch of Code which like much code in the world is technical but not useful to humans. It’s the same a your college’s Physics department writing papers which are highly technical and display the author’s ability to do higher math but after that means exactly nothing — just like a diploma.

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