For the record, BSV at the time this article was published was $96.97 on November 21, 2019 at 19:00 — source CoinBase (a cruddy onramp I do NO recommend using). It recieved 1 clap and is already cemented as the best investment of 2020 and we haven’t finished January yet.

Just so we can timestamp this recommendation, which as of January 14 travelled to well over $400 per coin, a 300% increase in 2 months.

BSV as I write this today is $300 and even tho we recommend against selling it under any current conditions, we will again implore those who have not yet invested to take the plunge in a short while, perhaps in late January or early February I will remind people again.

BSV has the potential to be the greatest investment of our lifetime.

Recommends the BEST equities (“Diamonds”) WHEN they are (“in the Roughage”) at the lowest price to achieve the highest long term gains.

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