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  • DXSapp (formerly TDXP)

    DXSapp (formerly TDXP)

    CFD first of its kind #bitcoin trading platform, designed for traders to win more. Liquidity providers earn daily. Try at DXS.app

  • Qryptraveler



  • Wolfgang Lohmann

    Wolfgang Lohmann

    Improve the world! Taught and researched agile programming language evolution. Worked in Informatics and Sustainability Research. BitcoinSV, Cardano

  • Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin.)

    Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin.)

    My opinions are my own. Eternal student & researcher; plugging Bitcoin from as long as it was lawyer, banker, economist, coder, investor, mathematician, & stats

  • Zem G.

    Zem G.


  • 6079 Smith W

    6079 Smith W

    Thoughtcriminal exiled from the Ministry of Crypto Truth. Two and two cannot be five — even on the blockchain.

  • Ai-Lyn Tang

    Ai-Lyn Tang

    After a decade in strategy for tech firms, I’m now an iOS developer! Looking for mentors on this journey :)

  • John DiFelice

    John DiFelice

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