Enlightening way to frame the difference between Bitcoin (SV) and BTC by describing the sheer hashing power of a first-rate ASIC-based supercomputer-node miner running the original Bitcoin protocol vs the many-orders-of-magnitude smaller hashing power of a mesh cpu-based (Lightning or Botnet) network.

Question: which do you think is more likely?

A. Lightning Network fails epically on security due to inferiority of the mesh small node network? Or….

B. Lightning Network is publically recognized by the masses for being inferior due to its slowness vs Bitcoin’s (SV) network?

I’d prefer an either/or answer even if inclined to say “both”.

Or more simply: will BTC fail on security due to the path it’s currently on, or is it just safe enough to be deprecated by inferior speed as all the ne micropayment use cases explode and populate Bitcoin (SV) network?

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