Dear Mr Wright,

Thank U so much for this article, as it is the first time I’ve truly understood Bitcoin’s most important feature: Proof of Work as a solution for the problem of security in a distributed network of digital-asset allocation. You had me at “ The “first-seen rule” in Bitcoin” as this quickly reminded me of the writings of Satoshi Nakamoto circa 2008 when explaining to his peers the inner-workings of 1.5 years worth of coding and error proofing.

Proof of Work makes sense, to prevent Sybil Attacks. What is your opinion of the creators of GRIN & BEAM wrt to their use of Proof of Work? (Obviously via your previous writings you’d be against their support of Anonymity, but I’m asking outside that fact)

Recommends the BEST equities (“Diamonds”) WHEN they are (“in the Roughage”) at the lowest price to achieve the highest long term gains.

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