Appreciate the response Pet Falk, but I admit I really don’t understand much of anything past the first line — I think you should write a full article backing up your statements and explaining them further. That would be helpful for me to understand what you’re trying to say.

As for immutable, nothing is immutable if you subscribe to Big Bang Theory, the singularity swallows/swallowed all at some point.

By saying gold is immutable, I mean it’s a very stable substance which is typically melted down without the value being lost. Gold survives bad governments, bad coinage practices, and even bad pirates, ARRRRRH!

From readings of CSW I BELIEVE (but am not certain for I am not he) he is in favor of solidifying bitcoin’s most important foundational aspects or else he wouldn’t be so involved with Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. The coin is named appropriately I think, bc CSW/Satoshi has had a pretty steady vision for what his coin is and will become. His statements about bitcoin in 2014, a year before his “reveal”, were almost the same as he says now.

Any clarification is appreciated, but I think it should be a full article written by yourself. Alert me and I will read it.

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